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My dogs AND pups are TRULY “Home Raised” in that they do live IN our home, or in the homes of our partner Guardian families as their pets, whereas many breeders’ dogs reside OUT of their home in kennels, and occasionally, if ever, enter INTO their home. ALL of our dogs AND pups are raised, sleep, nurtured, and spend most of their time INSIDE homes as beloved pets. We could not do this without the great help of our wonderful Guardian families who only give the best to their fur babies as well. On the other hand, our dogs and puppies can and DO play and run outside, on and off during the day as well, (even going down the slide or into the kiddie pool), and come back in as they please for the most part. Therefore, they have the best of both worlds, and will come to you very socialized, well adjusted, and often with basic training. Most of all, they will come to you having been loved, and from well-adjusted parents who are beloved pets as well! – THAT is OUR difference!

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 4 reviews
by Glauria C on PuppyCheck
An ideal companion for our family...

My puppy Rooney is 4 months old now and we are absolutely head over heels for him. He's everything I hoped he would be and then some. This little guy has the best temperament. He's friendly, gentle, good with kids and other dogs. Everywhere we go, people stop us to pet him or ask questions about him. His coat is super soft and doesn't shed at all (that may change as he gets older, but I'm enjoying it while it lasts.)

Rooney has been easy to train too. He is the star student of our puppy classes. Not that he doesn't do all of the normal wild puppy stuff, he does, but I can tell when he grows out of that he's going to be an ideal companion for our family.

by Stephie Angel on PuppyCheck
I recommend this dog to families who like the outdoors.

A Labradoodle is a cross between a Labrador and a Poodle, and has become a pretty common breed in the past couple of years. Having previously owned a Labrador, I know they can be a bit lazy. They are smart, and they love the water, but they are quite lazy. Poodles on the other hand, have always been known as being quite hyper.
My Labradoodle is a second generation Labradoodle, so his parents were not a Labradore and a Poodle, but two Labradoodles. He is chocolate brown, and is small for his breed, and is one of the laziest dogs I have ever known.

Buddy is now two. My bosses are kind enough to let me bring him to work on days that nobody is home, and all Buddy does all day is lay on our couches. He is not always asleep, but he is always laying down. Friends who also have Labradoodles tell me the same thing — they are really lazy. They are decend “guard” dogs, because they bark a lot, but most of the time Buddy stays on the couch and just barks away. Despite the volume, his bark is actually something I really like about the breed. They have a cute bark. It is not shrill and annoying like other dogs, nor is it very deep like bigger dogs, it’s a nice balanced tone.

Labradoodles are a smart breed. One of the best games we play is to take a piece of anything (papertowel, rubberband, hairclip, waterbottle), let him sniff it a bit, then hide it. I get Buddy to “Stay” while I go to the other room, rub the item across the couch and on the floor, across the carpet, then eventually tucking it behind a vase. He doesn’t see me do any of that, but when I say, “Okay! Go find it!” he manages to sniff his way through the spots I rubbed the item, and eventually finds it. It doesnt’ matter what the item is, he just manages to find it.

I keep Buddy on a pretty controlled diet, two meals a day. But he snacks off the different people at work. That being said, he is quite fit, for such a lazy dog. He loves the water and will take every opportunity to run into the water when we go for walks by the beach.

It took a while to train him to not poop or pee indoors, but once trained, he is able to control his urges really well. One of the best things about Labradoodles is they inherit the poodle’s non-shedding hair. Buddy doesn’t shed (which is probably why my bosses don’t mind him in the office), but this hair is not “soft”. It is curly and a bit wirey. I brush it, and take him to get groomed, but it just is not the type that becomes soft and silky.

At the end of the day, despite the laziness, the constant barking, the rough hair, and the farting (Yes, he farts a lot), we love our Labradoodle. I have had other dogs before, and I have to say I really like this particular breed, and recommend it to families who like the outdoors, and don’t mind incessant barking.

by Meril on PuppyCheck
Ziggy is just pure joy!

Ziggy is the best! Just 13 months and pure joy..He is so secure and mellow, he just started to bark at the rabbits, deer and squirrels. He runs and runs and always comes back to a self whistle or the verbal command…. he’s a true people stopper as well, cant walk anywhere without people smiling or asking where you got that dog…. he’s beautiful, and loving and brought this great dynamic personality to our home. This is our first dog and we spend hours, if not days with him in the parks or towns in N.J…We cant wait to take him into Manhattan to Central Park..have a bite at an outdoor cafe…….On leash or off he loves to walk, with his tail straight up and that wonderful prance dance of his, which we believe he inherited from his beautiful parents. The love we always receive from Ziggy is therapeutic and irreplaceable. Ziggy is just pure joy!

by Marzansrishty on PuppyCheck
An ideal comanion

I keep Buddy on a pretty controlled diet, two meals a day. But he snacks off the different people at work. That being said, he is quite fit, for such a lazy dog. He loves the water and will take every opportunity to run into the water when we go for walks by the beach.