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All of my breeding females were hand picked for their size, appearance and temperament. They come from a select group of European Cavaliers. 

I like a small Cavalier, with a beautiful face; most of my dogs are Canine Good Citizens. 

Several are Therapy dogs!!

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 8 reviews
by Teresa Lane on PuppyCheck
what did you expect and you sound selfish

Anyone who deals with Cavaliers or knows the breed knows the risk. So if you want a perfect dog do not go Cavalier. It makes me sick to think that people do not understand that they could get a dog with syringo or heart issues or knee issues. What are you saying?, that just because the dog turns out to be defective you want to throw it away?. Shame on you. You would probably throw away a defective human being. Which is what you sound like you are. A defective human being. Shame all over you.

by Hank Hinojosa on PuppyCheck
Our mentor

Holly Crumley is not only a dear friend, but our mentor as well. She does not have a dishonest molecule in her entire being. My wife and I have in Cape Coral, Florida. Holy is extremely helpful and insightful when it comes to breeding dogs, in fact one of her Ruby males, Tobias went to Westminster in 2013. Anybody who says anything derogatory about Holly is obviously uninformed. Both of our kennels offer a health guarantee, ours is similar to Holly's as we emulate successful breeders like Holly. The guarantees are NOT FOREVER, never intended to be, but provided to our adoptive families with the best intentions and expectations. At some point, adoptive families have to take responsibility for their Cavaliers, our guarantees are not intended to be lifelong. We both offer medical insurance, if adoptive families elect to NOT take it, then that is not Holly's or our faults. Every precaution is taken with her puppies as well as ours. Just a quick observation, do you expect your car dealer to honor a warranty that is expired? If you're not capable of caring for your Cavalier after our one year healthy guarantee is expired, perhaps you shouldn't have adopted the Cavalier in the first place??? Holly is our friend, confidant, and our mentor when it comes to Cavaliers. She is truly great.

by Linda Besunder on PuppyCheck
Background check your puppies parents

I was blessed to have gotten my sweet gentle cavalier March 2008. He is an adorable tri colored male. Holly Crumley at Cavaliers by Crumley was Zoofers breeder. Zoofer will be 6 years old in January. Since his birth he has had surgery for a umbilical hernia. He suffers from hemorrhagic colitis and was hospitalized twice till the veterinarian found the right medication to effectively manage the symptoms. He has a grade five heart murmur. Recently Zoofer has been diagnosed with Syringomyalia. This is a progressive neurological disorder that causes Zoofer to suffer horrific chronic pain. He is being treated by 3 different medications to manage his pain. The medication is very sedating. Zoofer went from a happy bright dog to a stoner dog. To top it off, he is going deaf. The syringomyalia causes deafness. Zoofer sleeps all day. I have to carry him off the bed to go for a walk outside. While walking, he suddenly stops. Often we need to carry him home. I sent Holly an E-mail last May. I felt she needed to know she is breeding dogs that are passing on several genetic diseases to their puppies. Holly responded to me with sympathy. She informed me that she has only ever bred 1 dog that was diagnosed with syringomyalia. You don't need to have a degree in animal science to realize that Holly was feeding me a load of dog feces. Her answer seemed extremely disingenuous. I would have more respect for her if she was even a tad bit more truthfull. I have done some research on Holly and you should to. Holly is an award Senior Sales Person for Mary Kay Cosmetics. She has worked passionately for the company for 33 years. She has gotten 14 pink Cadillacs and two diamond rings. Google her name and read all about it. So who is the real Holly. Dedicated Mary Kay saleswoman, or top rated dedicated dog breeder. both at the same time! Holly is skilled at being a sales expert. Don't let her sell you a dog. She breeds dogs from genetically compromised adult dogs and I believe knows it.

by Michael Johnson on PuppyCheck
Not a happy customer

We purchased our cavalier from Holly Crumley at Cavaliers by Crumley on 22 Dec 12. At the time we believed we were getting a happy, healthy puppy. After we got him home and to the vet we found out that he had an umbilical hernia. In addition to the hernia, fecal exam showed he had coccidia and a tapeworm. We contacted Holly and she paid for the repair/treatment. What bothers us is that she was aware of the defect and did not tell us about it. Then, in the first week of May 2013, I noticed that Charlie was still sitting with a "splayed" look. By that I mean one of his legs seemed to turn out more than the other and when he was sitting he did not have the classic sitting on haunches with his legs under him look. Out of an abundance of caution and concern I took him to my vet to be examined. The vet indicated that Charlie would eventually require surgery on his knee. Wanting the best for my dog I took him to the University of Tennessee Veterinary Hospital to be examined by specialists. Their full exam of him disclosed that he had luxating patellas: a Grade II right stifle and a grade I stifle on the left. The recommendation was for him to have surgery on both knees which would cost between $1800.00 and $2200.00. The surgical costs are yet to be incurred but we have already garnered in the vicinity of $500.00 for vet bills. We contacted Holly to find out what she was willing to do to compensate us for our monetary loss. Holly eventually offered to replace Charlie, which she already knew from previous communications, was not an acceptable solution. We have had him for six months and he has become a loved member of our family. We are filing a complaint with the AKC and will be seeking other avenues to address this situation. Charlie's parents are Sweet Kirby's Ace and Wonderful Willow. Although we would like to get another cavalier we will NOT be getting one from HollyCavaliers by Crumley. For any substantiating documents please feel free to contact us at

by KathyNY on PuppyCheck

I had done quite a bit of research looking for a reputable and ethical breeder before adopting my first Blenheim Cavalier, Sofie. Holly invests alot of time and attention with her adult dogs as well as the puppies. She has several of her dogs CHIC certified and 2nd & 3rd generation health. I love the Foster program she does with her females..allowing them to be raised in homes with loving families. She transported Sofie to us here in NY on the plane in the cabin with herself..not cargo. That was a huge plus for me. And I am excited to say that we are getting a little black n tan sister for Sofie in the next few weeks. Holly has brought so much love and joy into our home with her beautiful dogs. I would recommend her highly!!! She is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.. She is there for support whenever you need her.. it doesnt stop bc she handed the dog off to you. She is now part of our family now as well.

by Lynnettebragg on PuppyCheck
The very best

Holly truly goes over and above with customer service and in ensuring your experience is wonderful. The followup Is unsurpassed in assuring you and your new loved one have a wonderful relationship. She is about customers being satisfied.

by Briarcliff on PuppyCheck
Honest, knowledgeable breeder

I have purchased two puppies from Holly. I currently have a deposit on a puppy which should be born in the next week. Holly is without doubt the best Cavalier breeder I have ever found. You can be 100% confident that your experience with her will be a good one. Holly is clearly in it for the love not the money. She has fabulous dogs.

by MizMollie on PuppyCheck

Recently purchased a beautiful cavalier from Cavaliers by Crumley.As an animal lover I was very impressed with the cleanliness and comfort these animals live in. These dogs are treated like royalty and it shows in their happy faces and their wagging tails. The kennel was immaculate as well as the maternity and nursery areas. Mrs.Crumley is an excellant business woman, but this is more than a business to her. It appears to be her life and her love. I highly recommend Cavaliers by Crumley if you are looking for a delightful, healthy Cavalier puppy.