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We are Australian Shepherd breeders located in Polk City, Polk County, Florida. We have a genuine love for the Australian Shepherd breed.

We breed all four colors of Australian Shepherds (blue merle, black tri, red merle and red tri), with an emphasis on health and temperament. Our Aussie puppies are well socialized and raised with lots of love and attention. Pups are sold with a full health guarantee.

We strive to breed healthy, good tempered, well rounded pups. Heavensent Aussie pups are currently competing in conformation, agility, obedience, tracking, herding, and search and rescue. Several Heavensent Aussies are also functioning in different capacities as service dogs. Of course our Aussies are also happy just snuggling with their human family!

Our breeding stock have had their hips checked and certified through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) prior to breeding. They have also been DNA tested and microchipped. They are registered with the American Kennel Club, the Australian Shepherd Club of America, and the National Stock Dog Registry.

Feel free to drop us an email if you have any questions about our beautiful Aussies! We’d love to hear from you!

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 10 reviews
by Michelle Hatton on PuppyCheck
Hatton family

November 30, 2012 was Rocky’s 5 year birthday. It seems like yesterday that we took a ride to Judy’s to pick up Rocky. Judy takes real good care of her dogs and breeds them the same way. If in the future we look for another Australian shepherd we will be getting one from Judy. Thank you for the gift.

by The Waters Family on PuppyCheck

Everyone has fallen in love with Wrangler. My folks are not animal people, but now my mom has said that if she had a big fenced in yard, she would get herself one. She has fallen in love with him...and spoiled is not the word.I can not thank you enough. My three year old will not have anything to do with puppies because of their jumping on him, but he begs to play with Wrangler first thing every morning he takes Wrangler out for his run....I am sooooo glad. I was so scared he would not like him. Everyone who comes over...he tells them that Wrangler is adorable..big word for a three year old... and he tells them that the puppy is growing. He cracks me up.

When I read the things on your web site prior to having a puppy, I thought yeah right...this is too good to be true...but it's true. You have some great puppies, and we can't thank you enough. Can't wait till the other one pops out and gets to come to our home.....so we can have a pair of Heavensent!

by Frank and Nathalie on PuppyCheck

What a beautiful little girl we received! It is obvious she thrived with the care and compassion you gave her from her birth until now.

Our veterinarian looked at Prancie and highly praised her for her looks, markings, disposition, and most importantly, her health. She was pronounced "WONDERFUL". Our vets office staff exclaimed over the complete and accurate records. They seldom receive records as precise as what you sent with us. It was nice of you to take the time to go over the paperwork. We sure rate Heavensent Kennels as excellent. It was a pleasure buying a puppy from you. We have recommended you and will continue to recommend you as a highly rated kennel.

by Colette and Stefy on PuppyCheck

Our Milo is the happiest puppy in the world, so healthy and beautiful-he's perfect! He will always remember Judy Judy Judy and he likes to show off and tell everybody how much fun he had when he first learned to play at Heavensent! Judy sent pictures of him every week when he was growing up before he could be separated from his mom. That meant a lot to us. If you are an aussie lover, Heavensent is the place to go and get the best puppies out there!

by Chris on PuppyCheck

My wife Lisa and I were still mourning the loss of our beloved Aussie "Penny" when we heard about Heavensent Aussies. The breeder we got Penny from had offered a free replacement but wasn't going to have pups for many months.

I looked at the Heavensent Aussies web site and thought it might encourage me to at least see the kennels. From the first time I met Judy, I knew this was a special place. Incredibly clean, full of the most friendly, loving, and beautiful Aussies I could imagine. I went home and told Lisa about Judy and Heavensent. The next time I came back I placed my order immediately for a puppy.

The dogs were barely bred and I was already excited about getting a new pup! When they were born Lisa and I started a ritual of visiting every Sunday afternoon. Over the next 8 weeks, we became friends with Judy and Hancock, and I believe always will be. They are both as down-to-earth and genuine as anybody we've ever met. I know money isn't everything, but it should say something that we turned down a free pup, to buy one from Judy.

Lisa and I know that the careful attention to details such as health, correctness, nurturing, and socialization that Judy put in to our puppy goes back to all the generations she's raised before. We are so proud of our little "Sadie"; to us she really has been Heaven Sent.

by Stephen Alexander on PuppyCheck

I cannot believe how quickly a year has gone by. Solomon is amazing. Judy you would be so proud. As you know I have always had Aussies, always had Blue Merles. When we decided to add another Aussie to our family, my husband requested a Black-Tri. We contacted you and wanted a big boy. When you called and said you had him we all got excited as anyone would with a puppy on the way!

I watched him grow and always the skeptic, I wandered if he would be as great as the others. Solomon had big shoes to fill and fill them he did. Solomon is amazing, at a year he still has a great deal of "puppy" in him but he is 100% a part of this family. He guards my son as a daily job, if you see Dominic, you see Solomon. They do everything together. Once it is bedtime, Solomon will not leave my son's room for any reason. He is there until morning when they both get up, both eat breakfast and both load up in the truck to go to school!

Solomon plays wonderful. He climbs, I have never had an Aussie that climbed. Solomon can climb anything! Nothing is too tall or too steep. But what you have to see is Solomon swim. He swims under the water, not over it, under it. People always stop when they see the dog jump in the water and disappear! He comes up and goes back down!

After we take his brother to school, we continue on to the barn to ride. He is an awesome trail dog. Solomon stays close and watches for everything. He has had a huge advantage of having an older Aussie show him the ropes but Solomon is truly a blessing. His speed and agility are both amazing to watch. We ride for hours and he leads the way.

True to the Aussie breed Solomon truly defines unconditional love. How much he loves my son and us is so special. You do not even know he is in the house, he has impeccable manners and is just a love. Solomon is very cautious but once he knows you are good he will shower you with love.

Solomon is big and beautiful but more than that, he is ours. Everyone loves Solomon. We love Solomon. We could not have special ordered a more perfect dog. This dog truly was Heavensent. Judy your time and dedication to the breed is deeply appreciated. You do not sell puppies, you extend families.

by Framptons on PuppyCheck

Gemmy is great with the family and very friendly with other dogs. She is extremely intelligent and sweet. Everyone that sees Gemmy, loves her. We all tell them that she was an angel from Heaven Sent Aussies! We are so glad that we have Gemmy, and we don't know what we'd do with out her.

by Suzi Molasso on PuppyCheck

To all who are looking for that "special friend" to complete their family, I have had an Aussie in my life since 1977. We lost our last boy to cancer one year ago & finally decided it was time to fill the huge void in our hearts. We had very specific requirements & searched diligently for months for the right breeder. I have to tell you, Judy & Heavensent Aussies far exceeded our requirements and expectations! Her kennel is spotless, her dogs a testament to conscientious breeding, she holds herself to the highest standards, and she does an exemplary job of socializing her puppies. Her dogs are a wonderful example of the breed; handsome, smart, happy, charming, funny, loyal & a joy to be around. They are the essence of what an Aussie should be.

I hope you have the opportunity to meet Judy and Hancock & make one of their "family" your own. You'll be forever grateful, I know I am.

by Framptons on PuppyCheck

Gemmy is great with the family and very friendly with other dogs. She is extremely intelligent and sweet. Everyone that sees Gemmy, loves her. We all tell them that she was an angel from Heaven Sent Aussies! We are so glad that we have Gemmy, and we don't know what we'd do with out her.

by Andrea on PuppyCheck

When I first started to looking into getting a dog I originally wanted a border collie, I love how intelligent and hard working they are. My family already has one border collie named Lucy and finding a companion for her was one of my goals. When I met your dogs I knew that what I was really looking for was an Australian Shepard. Maverick truly embodies every quality I was looking for and exceeded my expectations. Personally this is my first dog and having Maverick couldn't have made the experience more enjoyable. I set out to find a dog that could embody all the qualities I was looking for; a dog who is intelligent, kind hearted, playful and reliable. What I truly found was a companion.