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We are Joshua & Jaime Hughes. We love our Mals!  Our desire is to breed quality dogs and produce quality puppies.

Whether you are looking for a new pet or weight pull champion you have found the right kennel. We pride ourselves on the disposition of our puppies.  Each puppy is held and loved from the very minute it is born.

The puppies are played with constantly by family members & friends. Puppies are always so much fun. Malamutes are a dogs that love people.  Different than the “husky” the malamute will love you, and will make a great family pet, and a loving companion.  Be careful because the malamute love is very addicting.

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by Breederexp on PuppyCheck
No good

I have been looking for an alaskan malamute puppy for about a year now. I came across Kingfisher's Alaskan Malamutes in Gakona, Alaska and thought I had found the breeder I was going to get my puppy from. Owning a giant alaskan malamute has been a long dream of mine since seeing one many years ago, but until a year or so ago was not in a position to get one. Due to a very bad experience with a horrible breeder that I got my husky Ice from I decided to research first this time because I did not want to go through the same thing again.

What I discovered was really scarey and I am so glad I did not just go ahead and impulse buy from them. I wanted to share what I discovered with others. This place is really a puppy mill and what the dogs are put through is awful. I received some very valuable assistance from my vet on how to locate a genuine breeder and how to spot a puppy mill. Following her advise is how I saved myself from making a big mistake.

They breed the dogs just to breed them, not for any other purpose but to make money. They breed them 2 times a year, I even seen 1 that had puppies 3 times in 13 months. They make false claims on their website to sell puppies. They say they rarely let other breeders buy their dogs but I have yet to find another breeder that does not have at least 1 of their dogs so that is a lie. They also say that giant white woolly malamutes are very rare and that is why they charge $3500.00 for them. That is a lie because I see them all over with lots of breeders for way cheaper then that.

They also say that you get a better alaskan malamute because it comes from alaska but they have their pedigrees on their website and they don't even get their own dogs from alaska. They buy their dogs from the southern states, so the puppy may be born in alaska but it is not better because of that because it's heritage is from other states and other breeders, not from Alaska. I can get a puppy from the same breeders they do and pay way less and not support a puppy mill.

Because of my past experience I do not take the deception of breeders lightly, I take it very seriously and I post this info because I am disgusted. Anyone who buys a puppy from these people are helping them to keep being a puppy mill. I know all the breeders love them because they bought the dogs they breed themselves (again because Kingfisher's gives breeding rights to anyone) so I am sure this post will be hit with a ton of breeders bashing me but I don't care.

I want people to know what I found out. I am posting the evidence and others can make their own conclusion. I could not in good conscious retain this information. Simply because this breeder is located in Alaska it does not mean they are not a puppy mill. The evidence below speaks for itself.

1) If any one of the hundreds of breeders who buy their breeding dogs from Kingfisher's responds to this posting it will simply confirm what I have found out. That Kingfisher's gives breeding rights to anyone who is willing to pay the money. They love to sell breeding rights to make more money, they even take payment plans.

2) Where are the CURRENT pictures of their dogs actually working, pulling, doing anything other then being in filthy kennels to breed? There are not any because they do not do anything with their dogs but breed them. Their dogs make them approximately $400,000 a year revenue and people are suckered into buying these puppies at outrageous prices because they think they are getting a "real" Alaskan Malamute because they are in Alaska. Every puppy someone buys from them is contributing to the continued existance of this puppy mill. See below for the most recent puppy output count. YES PUPPY MILL.

3) Kingfisher's Alaskan Malamutes puppy output (how can this be justified as a reputable breeder and not a puppy mill). These below figures are only of this past year. This is not counting every other previous years puppy output!!!

Pearl & River 12/26/10 (6 puppies), Pearl & Charger 7/18/11 (9 puppies)
Kima & River 1/24/11 (8 puppies)
Saphira & Avalanche 2/6/11 (5 puppies) Saphira on 6/6/10 also had a litter, Saphira & Koda 8/30/11 (5 puppies)
Tundra & Charger 2/10/11 (7 puppies)
Denali & Prime 2/12/11 (3 puppies), Denali & Prime 8/23/11 (2 puppies)
Ziva & River 4/12/11 (9 puppies)
Everest & Charger 4/18/11 (9 puppies)
Oakley & Charger 5/3/11 (6 puppies)
Klutina & Koda 5/11/11 (5 puppies)

That is a MINIMUM of 74 puppies in less then a 12 month period of time!! I repeat 74, 74, 74, 74 puppies!! There are several more litters currently on the way and even more planned before years end. Don't support this puppy mill!! Again that number 74, 74, 74 puppies is only a minimum number as there were several others litters not included in this list. Years end will be over 100.

4) If you do the math (puppy output x price of each pup) those dogs should be living in professionally built kennels not the run down home made shacks they are in and the trees they are tied to. The chains are literally sawing down the trees from the constant rubbing of the chains on the trees.

5) Kingfisher's Alaskan Malamutes sold a particular breeder a female puppy in which that PUPPY was bred by the breeder at 8 months of age!! 8 months!! Kingfisher's Alaskan Malamutes CONGRATULATED this breeder on a gorgeous litter!! The poor female PUPPY was bred at 8 months of age. Not only did they congratulate this breeder they also helped this breeder sell the remaining 2 puppies and then turned around and even sold this breeder another female!!!!!!!!! How can this be justified as remotely reputable or responsible??????? I feel very sad for the female that was bred, the puppies that were born who will most likely develop congenital defects as they were conceived by undeveloped eggs, and for the puppy owners who have a very real possibility of facing numerous medical expenses and the very early loss of the puppy. Again how can this be justified as the behavior of a responsible or reputable breeder? Surely it cannot be!!

6) Just recently on their Facebook page someone asked a very serious question and that was where do puppies get their appearance/traits from, was it the Dam, Sire, or both?? Kingfisher's Alaskan Malamutes very uneducated response was "It's important to have a good looking sire and dam or you could end up with only 1/2 a good looking litter. It's hard to tell" Seriously?? WOW, I think a 10 year old could even answer that question with more knowledge of how "genetics actually work". A complete incorrect answer they responded with showing even further their complete lack of understanding what they are doing!!

7) The final kicker is how they delete comments off of their facebook page that "call them out" on what they are doing and how they delete numerous complaints from puppy buyers who receive a puppy that is extremely smaller then what they were told the puppy was and how the puppy they get is totally untrained in any form. Well what do you expect when you buy a puppy from a puppy mill that at times has 30 puppies at one time that live outside is filthy kennels. An untrained kennel puppy is what you are going to get!! There is no way to justify that high of a puppy output without being a puppy mill.

I contacted Kingfisher's themselves before posting this to try and get a better understanding of their breeding justification and purposes with that high of a puppy output count and was never contacted back. I didn't figure I would be. Perhaps with this information made public they may respond. I would really like to hear from Kingfisher's their justification for breeding so many puppies and for over breeding their female dogs so much.

As I pointed out above one female had 3 litters of pups in a 13 month period.

I am well prepared that this posting will be met with many comments, including breeders (which probably own at least one Kingfisher dog) and of course those people who own a Kingfisher dog because naturally they love their dog however, it doesn't change the fact that the dogs are bred in a puppy mill.

If you do choose to comment be an adult!! Explain the logic in that high of a puppy output and breeding females that often. Any other comments are really irrelavant nor productive. The point is Kingfisher's Alaskan Malamutes is a puppy mill and they hide behind their location to try and disquise it as I'm sure most people getting a puppy haven't done the research I have because if they would have they surely would not buy a puppy from Kingfisher's and contribute to the operation of a puppy mill.

by Troy R. on PuppyCheck

I wanted to let you guys know that Stryker has been doing great and is really active! His potty training has been going well, you gave him a great head start. He’s a totally awesome pup and I couldn’t be happier with him. He’s been having a blast running around the house chewing on everything and anything in sight!
I can’t thank you guys enough for everything, this has really brought a lot of happiness into my life!
I will keep in touch with updates and everything etc… Have a great evening!

by John R. on PuppyCheck

Dear Josh & Jaime,
Ashley tolerated her 22 hr trip to the east coast well. Both her and her cage were clean when she arrived at airport. When we arrived home at midnight, she peed, ate (thank you for the packet of food) and drank well, played her heart out in our 10 degree weather, pooped (solid) and then slept till the kids woke her at 6:00am to play before heading off to school at 7am. When awakened her cage was again unsoiled, she peed outside, ate, drank and peed and pooped. Slept when kids left for school and went out and played again at 10am and seems to be have a great routine going. She is alert and playful. Our family can not thank you enough. You have made several dreams come true.

by Justin W. on PuppyCheck

Hi Josh and Jamie!
I have attached some photos of Axle. We are absolutely LOVING having this pup around. He is so smart! I haven’t looked forward to coming home for a long time but the work day cant end soon enough to get home to this little (big) guy. Thank you guys so much for doing what you do. Thank you!

by Sylvia, Robert and Yeti on PuppyCheck

To say that our Yeti (Bristol and Prime’s Storm) is a great dog is such an understatement! He is beautiful, loving, and sooooo smart!. He has learned to sit, give paws (one at a timeJ), lay down, and is learning how to catch. At 4 months he’s not our “little baby doggie” anymore since he weighs 50 lbs!!

by Stephane H. on PuppyCheck

Joshua & Jaime,

First let me thank you for Ice Cube. He is doing great and growing every day. His temperament is amazing and he has settled quite well with our family. He is extremely friendly and very well adjusted. He had a great time at the beach and couldn’t get enough of the snow. He completed his puppy training with great ease and he will start his next training session in a couple of weeks…

I wish you all the best.

by Lisa on PuppyCheck

Hey Josh- I wanted to let you and Jaime know how THRILLED I am with Drifter and Summit! Summit is absolutely stunning, and Drift is built just like Pearl with a gorgeous coat. I really could not be happier.

by Patrick and Jen on PuppyCheck

Hey Josh and Jaime,
Just wanted to let you know that Cy is adjusting well. He had his check up today and was deemed perfectly healthy and has already gained 1.6 lbs, since you weighed him at 8 weeks. He kept us up the first night, but I gave him the hoody I wore when we picked him up and it became his favorite toy. He actually grabs one end and drags it around. Thanks again for such a sweet pup.