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by Wilma on PuppyCheck

I am responding to Beth Latture. Sorry to know about that, I bought a dachshund with the defect gen that cause deaf and one eye doesn't evolve, becoming blind. I have him since 2011, and he is my adorable baby. I told her about the defect for her to be more careful about the breeding. Now I see that she knew about and that is bad... but the dogs can still learn tricks and be awesome! I wouldn't change him for nothing!

by Beth Latture on PuppyCheck

We bought a puppy from this family. We thought of them as a "family breeder". It turned out that the puppy was deaf. When I contacted them about it I got NO RESPONSE. When I look at the website now I see how many breeds they are cranking out and it looks to be more of a "mill". The fact that they never responded when I notified them that they were selling deaf animals only confirmed that these animals are merely products that they are selling off as quickly as possible without adequately checking for defects. I would not recommend this breeder.